12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips Critical Overview

When it was time for us to choose what chips we would be having at our breast cancer benefit, we didn’t have to look any farther than the 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips. We have heard from friends and family that these poker chips are the best around and they certainly didn’t let us down. It’s hard to believe that after four years, they almost look brand new.

See, during our first year, there was only thirty-five people that showed up. Most of them were related to my wife and I, but there were a few “friends of friends” that came as well. Even though the word ” QQdewa ” cancer went over in everyone’s minds, we didn’t want too many people in the lineup that might have an opinion on something. However, we do feel that everyone that makes the trip will at least give us a tap on the shoulder if we made a mistake or something.

However, it was a great thing to hear that everyone enjoyed the 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips. After all, we were the ones that had to get everyone to come over and enjoy themselves. It was a great thing to hear and we could hear the groans and groans of those twelve people that had brought there wives and girlfriends along with them. We could feel the heat and see the envy and hate that the “12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips” earned as they were set out.

Eventually, my wife let everyone know that we had a new product that they needed to come over and everyone else started getting excited. You had your $2 or $5 chips, which were the normal chips, then you had your 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips. Needless to say, everyone was in a frenzy and in vying for the remaining chips. While my wife kept yelling, “You have to do this for your daughter,” she couldn’t get through saying it fast enough.

However, there was one person who kept getting stood up in the middle of the room. His name was Al Francesco and he had everyone laughing the entire night. He basically doubled the money that we raised the night before. We were in the middle of the night but we still took a picture with him because he was a lucky guy. Little did we know that he wouldn’t be taking our money for granted. Soon enough, he took a hold of the 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips and said “so how much do you think you’re going to win?” I let him keep the money and then took a couple of them home.

Those chips were enough to last the rest of the night. If you haven’t experienced the 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips for yourself, you really need to add them to your poker table. When it’s all said and done, the 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips give the feel of a real poker table without having to worry about the cup holders or anything else. Even if you just want to have the conversation with your friends, it’s easy to do and it’s not going to cost you much.

Once you take one glance at the 12g Lucky Bee NexGen Clay Poker Chips, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.