Motivational, Inspiring and Educational Traditions

Motivational, Inspiring and Educational Traditions

What do the Kaizen Tobe, orchestra score, trash can lids, printed lottery tickets and rules from a bucketsemble have in common? They are trends. They are events that are on their way, with everyone talking about them, to get to the next step. When a one-of-a-kind event is like this, you can also bet it is a trend that people will be trying to jump on.

How are big events like conventions and trade shows it? They are trends that people are trying to get excited about. I don’t know about you, but when I have a trade show, it goes well beyond engaging those who are visiting in your stand. I also have sales and marketing people visiting – yeah, if I can make sure they are interested in our offerings and I didn’t give them a credit card three days before the show, it seems pretty obvious we are moving towards bigger events like this.

Reasons to create your own trend

If you are a beginning entrepreneur, I can guarantee that one or two of the three reasons that you wrote your goal about having big events like this. I believe you are pretty passionate about your business and personal brand, so there will be some mix of these reasons. Unfortunately, there will be some other reasons too. Here are a couple of great reasons to create the first step for you if you want your own big event:

The reason to create your event is to launch something. Your event, or any event for that matter, will have some sort of momentum. It is important to start out with a strong event or two to set the whole platform for your event. The real secret is starting and maintaining the momentum long past the first big event.

You are ready to capture the market and get these new followers into your message zone or have sales and marketing people talking about your event.

If nothing else, your event may have given people ways to relate to you and your company in their lives. Lack of movement is a huge problem. The best way to solve it is to have the support you need to make this happen. Successful big events provide you with the support you need to spread your message confidently.

How to make it a trend for everyone

The key to the success of a big event is having something people across industries are talking about. Something special people will want to talk about at work and at home. Write articles about them. Promote it with employees and colleagues. Create a buzz about it. Sorry, but that is the secret. Something people will want to talk about is what you and your team have created and when they hear others talking about your event, they will want to join in and spread the word or even make it a trend themselves.

Stay in tune with what people love and what they want. Re-invent your event at least every few months. As people look forward to exploring your content and experience, your event becomes a trend and everyone will be talking about it.

Are you a want to achieve this momentum in your business? If you aren’t, do something. Better yet, get some information and education to help you create the conditions you need. Get ahead of being flat out wired and looking stuck in your business!

“If you are too busy workingin’your business, you are too busy takingadvantageof your business. You need to get it to get it done.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

“Every business owner must understand that taking thepiecesof their business andfocusing on theropriplates of their business is a key part of their success over time.” ~ John Enhance (ex-